page 5 of 366…

5 01 2012

(title name came from twitters ww trend a couple of days back.. yeah i knoow, i am missing 3 pages, yesterdays counted as page 4…)


I would probably feel worse today, if it werent for the fact that a friend kept me laughing during friend, and a good talk with a good, no, brilliant best mate in Adam Hawkins, on the way home! And, michaela Cameron, at kids club (that was a struggle). If it werent for the fact i have these friends to confide in, i would be _____ right now…  (there are a few more, who i love dearly) I didnt want too many emotions in 2012, yet it’s started as a train wreck of the foul thing…


I do see me doing it again, however, so it’s kinda making me feel it was a whole waste of their time…. bleeeeeeeeeeurgh!


I do miss, when i could just be down foor a bit, and then, everything is good again…


I look up, then my head falls down…


Heard a poignant lyric today… ”How do you get up from and all time low? How’d you choose between your head and heart?”


I dont know what either of them say, at this point…






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