Well, this was what’s on my mind….

9 01 2012

Right so, today i took a big step forward onto the road of recovery from my problems… (No matter how reluctant I was…) Yeah, its Day 0 again.. But i thought that was a good place to start…


I, have been thinking (VERY BAD!!!) tonight.. And it’s made me think of how stpid i was.. but I cant help to think how much it did help.. Maybe this is something I needed to make my relationship with God strong? (Possibly)


But, it seems it isnt gonna let me get away just yet… It seems to want me to keep doing it… But, I dont know.. could be good… could be bad… All I know is, I’m bad at keeping on the path of recovery, every time I’ve gone down there, I fall… It seems like the path is a hill… and that, I hit the bottom enough times to know, you cant get up there without the right people by your side… I really shold start, sorting it ot… Getting things ”right” but.. I dunno whether i can face going up the hill, WHEN i fall…


If, or when, I fall next.. I hope I’ve got these friends to fall on… (Yes, I know, I”m going on about something different, LEARN, I dont stay on track)


Times like this… MEH!




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