Well… It’s ‘one of those” days…

16 01 2012

Similar title to previous blog? and what?

I read about this being the most depressing day of the year… Something about being the 3rd monday, yeah, it was. Was being both the 3rd monday and depressing.

It’s hard to accept, knowing that you are constantly (or seemingly) pushing your bestfriend further away from you… Leaving, that gap, that where you used to be able to ”lean” on these days, but now you jst fall down, and think ‘why? why’d I have to be one of those people?’

Well, I’m sorry… to you (hopefully, if you’ve even read this, you’ll know im talking to you) I’m just, more or less a person who you shouldn’t try with, ssave yourself the trouble of having to listen…

Next thing? My fantastic act…

Lately I’ve been able to disguise myself as happy… Example? Sunday morning… Happy atmosphere? yes. Happy me? Only cause it’s not good to appear down there..

I don’t like this… I’ve tried changing it, but I worm my way back into it somehow.. Throw myself out a window?! Yes! No way I can get back in to this then. No! I wont, cause, its good to live… And besides… Well, i havent got anything to write there…

I’ll act tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday… This wont stop soon, I have a feeling…

Back into an old thing… Well, not really back… And this thing, wont just drop away…

Final thing, I just want to say thanks to those that help me, offered me chats, advice etc. Things I aint able to accept, cause i dont think i deserve anyone’s time, effort etc.

I remember the old me.. This will now be my ”cover”

Just decided that. Live the old, ”Good” boy life, didn’t do anything wrong… It was easy… No pressure.

Okay, now the final thing… 2012 has been crap so far…. I’ve doubted so much, religion, my life, who i actually am, whether my friends are friends… :/ (first sighy face of this blog… ) I just dunno, right now. Live one day at a time? Okay… So, Like any other day… Ah, forget that crap… I’ll just guess what’ll happen… Same crap as the day before!







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