Its basically a catch up…

5 02 2012

so.. yeah…


Sad/Down/Depressed for a reason I no longer know. The happy for a bit, then slumped for a bit. So, it’s got to be happy again next, yes?


Well, tbh. I don’t know what’s keeping me ‘trying’ if you will. cause I’m pretty sure, i’ve given up dozens of times now.. And all I’m doing is coming back in for another fight.

Climb into the ring for a battle that you can’t win

Swing as hard as you can swing

It will still mean nothing

Yeah? It doesn’t matter how hard Im trying, I aint winning! I’m just pushng, and falling. Stuck in an endless cycle of pushing and falling. It also seems like im the one to pick up the friend when he’s fallen. yet, when im down, are you here to pick me up? yes. but i decide to push you away.


seems my main objective of life is to see how many people i can psh away.


I’m good at it though!

Struggle this week, then half term. 

That’ll also be a struggle.


ah well.


you win some you lose some



time to start winning?


i hope so!


till next time,






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