Up and Down like a Yo-Yo!

20 02 2012

Right.. It’s stupid


My emotions are playing a number on me! I mean, I managed to do a whole 8 days of me! actual happiness! Then BAM! like, right back to what seems to be 2012 definition!

If it wasn’t for this i wouldn’t be having so many ‘slip ups’ well, one aint so bad, just got to await more.


No, I’m not gonna be positive. I’m negative. Because then, if something good comes out of a situation, it’s a bonus, and if not, at least i can be smug and say, ”I did say so” :L


But yeah, so it’s a dip again.. Down in the dumps etc.


So, in reference to the othe blogs


I give up :’) (Yes, i do mean :’) *Sarcasm*)


I mean, why try to be happy, if I can only manage, what, 8 days? well, why not be me?


An unhappy, miserable git.

I’m usually getting called Grumpy Guts..


And we are meant to live up to expectations?

So expect me to be grumpy, it’ll be what you get.


This blog isn’t ”dark stuff” as it’s been referred to, it’s my stuff.






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